Start of Peddars Way Walk 06/05/2017

Today I started the walk with a 2 1/2 mile introduction to the main walk starting Monday. Starting from Knettishall Heath the path wound its way through woodland and out onto a very large field of pigs of all sizes! Crossed two small rivers the Little Ouse and the Thet, and eventually hitting a minor road near Brettenham.


Chris walking the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coastal Path

6th April 2017

It is just over a month to go 8th May before I set out on my first trek on the Peddars Way from Thetford in Suffolk to Hunstanton in Norfolk, where the Norfolk Coastal Path officially begins which will lead me on to further coastal paths around the whole of England!

That’s ambition anyway!

I’ve been spurred on by reading Ruth Livingstone’s blog who started walking from Kings Lynn Norfolk and 3000 miles later has reached Gretna on the Scottish Borders!

I’ve been in training over the past few weeks walking distances between 10 and 16 miles per day around the Suffolk countryside following footpaths and lanes. I’ve equipped myself with good lightweight hiking boots, appropriate clothing and hopefully a confortable supportive rucksack.

I start the Peddars Way Walk the second week of May carrying overnight things at b&b’s along the way that I’ve previously booked, but yet to test how heavy a full loaded rucksack will be! My aim is to complete the Way in 4 days and spend my final day of the week starting the Norfolk Coastal Path towards Cromer and beyond!

We’ll see how it goes!!